2014 Voyage 5 By Caymus Malbec Argentina   

RED SCHOONER Voyage 4: A "Caymus style" of Mendoza Malbec. Definitely an iron st in a velvet glove. Rich fine tannin - a Mendoza dust fine texture. There is a very refined character to this wine, which is special and singular. This wine is unfined and has already thrown a bit of sediment, representing the rich and natural concentration of abundant quality.

TASTING NOTES: A deep plum color, this wine offers evocative scents of dark fruits, layered with cassis, hot cocoa and the fresh earthiness that comes after a summer rain. It enters playfully on the palate, featuring lush fruit flavors of dark plums and ripe cherries, along with brown spice and a hint of cinnamon. The tannins of this wine add both structure and velvety softness. Lingering flavors of dark fruit and choclate creat a complete and harmonious finish.