2015 Twomey Merlot   

After 44 years at Petrus—the holy grail of Merlot—winemaker Jean-Claude Berrouet knows exactly what he’s doing. That’s why the Duncan family, makers of Silver Oak, tapped him to consult when they decided to make Merlot from one of the greatest sites in Napa Valley, Soda Canyon Ranch. Berrouet’s aim was always to create a true wine of place, allowing the fruit to express its bold brilliance, while using French techniques in the cellar to dial in on finesse and elegance. Supple and silky, bursting with black cherry, plum, and pomegranate, and etched with violet and chamomile, the Twomey Merlot is authentically Californian with the poise and refinement of an Old World classic.