Blind Wine Tasting Workshop - Los Gatos - Expired Event

December 14
2:30 - 4pm

Member Price: $65.00
Non-Member Price: $80.00

Blind Wine Tasting
Blind Wine Experience and Learn the Deductive Wine Tasting Method.  

Are you up to the challenge? Can you recognize a Red Bordeaux from a Napa Cabernet? Red Burgundy from a Santa Barbara Pinot Noir? Sancerre from New Zealand? Tell the difference between a Traditional Method Champagne and a Tank Method Prosecco? Identify an Oaky wine from an Unoaked wine? Young Wine versus Aged? Tell the difference between Sherry and Port Wines? 


Ideal class for long-time friends to attend together, humble wine drinkers and confident collectors. In this ever-changing globalized wine environment, it's good to be able to reset your palate and re-establish solid foundations. But you're in for a few surprises...

Passed hors d'oeuvres during the class. Special retail pricing on wines demonstrated.

Class runs approximately 60 to 80 minutes