Birichino Malvasia Bianca   

The benchlands along the western side of the Salinas Valley from Soledad down to San Lucas have long been favored for aromatic varieties such as Muscat Canelli, Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Malvasia Bianca. Whatever combination of soil and climate that there obtains seems to magnify those varieties' white flower and stone fruit perfume, while the cooling afternoon breezes which race down the valley, and generally cool evenings, work to preserve bright natural acidity in the wines. If the great parfumeuse/parfumeur in the sky selectively waved her/his tinctural wand in 2022, in might have been to inject a slight, yet discernible note of rosewater, a thematic variation which has appeared only very rarely, and with much rejoicing, in the 30+ years of our association with this site.

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